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Your every day fatigue of mind&body will accumulate in your spine.
Your stress, and negative feelings such as sorrow,anger and regret etc.will accumulate in your spine and will lead your mind&body to be in poor condition.

ola-uli treatment contains essential oils which have high-vibrational energy found in spirit of nature.
ola-uli treatment will help to improve your healing ability and immune system;
to cleanse your mind&body by using your own power;that is,to assist your own healing power.

◇Rain Drop Techinique◇

9 pure essential oils full of plant energy are used in Rain Drop ,and are released along the spine like gentle rain drops.
The natural aroma of trees and flowers,and the gentle touch of a bird feather will release your mind&body with relaxation.
This is the essential oil healing treatment that improves your healing power.
You will experience very deep relaxation through the ancient Lacota Native American techinique and through essential oils from the spirit of nature during treatment and after treatment.
It is a great chance to treat yourself to this after working hard everyday,
Why don’t you give it a try?

In addition ,if you have clay pack ,which has lots of minerals and is highly detoxifing,the treatment will be more effective and you will have a wonderful feeling.

○Rain Drop + Healing Treatment    ¥10,000-/60~80 minuts
○Rain Drop + Cray Pack(Spine) + Healing Treatment
                         ¥14,000-/90~120 minuts

◇Aroma Treatment◇

Aroma massage by a therapist and using the plant energy of essential oils can help return your mind&body’s balance back.

The pleasant aroma spread throughout the therapy room stimulates your brain.
The therapeutic touch improves your blood and lymph circulation,and release your body’s tension.

In other words,your bodily and mental fatigue from daily life will be refreshed.

During the pre-tretment descussion,we will choose essential oils to meet your conditions and offer some advice on how to use essential oils in your daily life.

For those of you who work hard,Why dont’s you try a wonderfully deep relaxation that you can experience throughout treatment.

○All Body ¥8,000-/60 minuts
○All Body ¥12,000-/90 minuts
○All Body ¥16,000-/120 minuts

◇Option - Clay Pack◇

Speaking of Clay,most of people can imagine a cosmetic product that includes a cray treatment in Japan.
Our clay pack includes only clay,There are no additional ingredients.
A clay pack is not common in Japan,but in Egypt and Greece,it has been used as a treatment for disease from ancient time.
Now a days, in Europe and America,it is used in “Clay therapy“ in hospitals and many people use it as a natural remedy.

ola-uli uses the highest quality and safety Clay,it is not contaminated and is not processed.
It will help to refresh your skin.
Only when this Clay which is full of minerals is put on your skin,you will be healed and highly detoxified.
It will promote the purification of your mind&body.

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